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Domestic Cheeses

These specialty domestic cheeses offer a wide range of tastes and textures that are sure to be a hit at any party or meal. Many brands of each cheese are available in pre-packaged and custom cut.

The 50 cheeses listed below are only a sample of what is available. Our stock is continually updated with new taste sensations as they become available. Ask if you have a favorite that is not listed.

Cheddar: Cows milk, unrinded hard cheese with a slightly crumbly texture and a flavor that gets sharper as it matures. We carry mild, medium, old and aged cheddars.
Featuring: Balderson, Brittania, Perron, St. Albert

Bénédictin: Cows milk, unrinded semi-soft blue cheese with a pronounced, nutty, mushroom flavor.
Canadian Cheese Awards: 2002 blue cheese champion, 2000 grand champion

Glenphilly Whiskey
Glenphilly Whiskey: Cows milk full-bodied, pale cheddar with a mellow taste accentuated by the whiskey flavor. Glenphilly can be used as a table cheese and can add a unique flavor to many dishes.

Le Douanier
Le Douanier: Cows milk, semi-soft, morbier-type cheese with a washed-rind, creamy and tender texture and a medium strong, hazelnut flavor that becomes stronger with age. Best enjoyed with dry wines.

Pied-de-Vent: Raw cows milk soft cheese with a firm optionally edible rind and mild, buttery, slightly salty and fragrant interior. Best served with Pinot Noire or Burgundies, fresh breads and with desserts.

Havarti: Cows milk cheese is a traditional creamy, semi-soft, often flavored cheese with irregular holes throughout. The creamy version has added cream to make it softer and more luxurious in the mouth.
Featuring: creamy, caraway, jalapeno, dill, tomato-basil, fine herb, and many others

Curds: Tasty, fresh, unpressed cheddar cheese curds.
For best results, serve at room temperature.
 Others  Other Popular Types:
St Benoit, Bocconcini, Bouq'Emissaire, Brick, Camembert Veudreuil, Cantonnier, Cendre des Pres, Chevre Chevrochon, Ciel de Charles, Cure-Hebert, D'Auvergne, Doux Peche, Du Village, Ermite, Empereur, Fleurmier, Gre des Champs, Gruyere, Mont St. Benoit, Jack, Le Chedre, Le Dauphin, Le Diable aux Vaches, Le Baluchon, Le Cure Labelle, Mi-Careme, Migneron, Mozarella, Ricotta, Riopelle, Sir Laucier, Swiss, Tomme de Chevre, Tomme de Grosse-Ile, Tomme du Haut-Richelieu, Victor et Berthold
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