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Perfect for a party or just to enjoy as a snack with bread or crackers, we have many pâtés that will suit your appetite. Have as much or as little as you'd like, we cut to your order.

Be sure to also check out our imported specialty breads, crackers, oil and olives as a complement for this tasty favorite.

Orange Duck
Orange Duck: A real treat with our specialty crackers.

Peppercorn: A constant favorite for any occasion.

Red Pepper
Red Pepper: For something just a little bit different.

Other favourites

Other Favourites: regular, cognac, country style, liver, peppercorn

Bird: duck, duck & orange, duck & pistachio, goose, pheasant
Caribou: with port wine
Rabbit: with blueberries, with white wine
Seafood: Crab & Red Pepper, Shrimp & Mushroom
Smoked Salmon: with dill, with spinach
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