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The perfect complement to a bit of cheese is to have a nice cup of tea or coffee while indulging in some imported chocolate or truffles. Go ahead, spoil yourself.

Carte Noire
Gourmet Coffees by Carte Noire!: Buy a cup of freshly brewed or take home a bag of beans. Blends include: Omer's, house, 100% Columbian Primo (reg & dark), 100% Columbian Swisswater (decaf), Almond Amaretto, Arabica (dark, brown), Brazilian, butter pecan, expresso (reg, med & decaf), French, Hazelnut Creme, Kenya AA (dark & light), Moca Cream, Moca Java (brown, dark), Turkish dark

Specialty Teas
Rich Teas: Regular, herb, fruit, maple, and decaffeinated
Featuring: Twinings fine teas: Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Lady Grey, Prince of Wales, Darjuling, Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Green, Jasmine, and many more

Truffles!: featuring Chocmod (chocolate, pear), S & F, Van Lys (orange).

Imported Chocolate: chocolate mints, pastel after dinner mints & cups, chocolate covered cherries baking chocolate (white, dark, sweetened) - chunks, large chips Featuring: ChocoLux, Choco-fantasy
 Others  Other Favourites:
Other favorites: specialty biscuits, european cakes, cookies, dessert shells, honey, wafers (hazelnut, vanilla), ladyfingers, maple syrup, marzipan, musli, oatcakes, puff pastry, shortbread.
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